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3 Best Live Sonars

3 Best Live Sonars

Shop the 3 BEST Live Sonars on our site now!

Garmin LiveScope Plus 

The latest in LiveScope technology, the LiveScope Plus System offers improved resolution, reduced noise, clearer images, and better target separation. Now it's easier than ever to see structure, bait & fish swimming around your boat in real time. Scan surroundings with sharper images, reduced noise, and fewer sonar artifacts. Get maximum contrast and clarity in your images with vivid color palettes. Don’t miss a thing with supported Forward, Down and Perspective modes. Attitude heading reference system stabilization keeps your sonar view steady, even in rough conditions. LiveScope Plus includes a trolling motor shaft & barrel mounts plus Perspective Mode Mount. 


Humminbird MEGA Live Imaging

See fish in real-time, in no time. MEGA Live Imaging provides the most impressive live sonar on the water, allowing you to watch fish and structure in real-time, powered by the unmatched detail of MEGA Imaging®. This U.S. Patent Pending technology provides views out, down, and around your boat with absolute clarity, and even allows you to watch fish bite your lure. This accessory transducer mounts to a trolling motor shaft and provides three different live sonar views; Down, Forward and Landscape modes with the included mounting bracket.

Lowrance ActiveTarget Live

The high-resolution ActiveTarget Live sonar reveals live-action views of fish moving in & around structures as they respond to lure presentations. Get three views from one transducer: Forward view ahead of your boat, Down view below your boat or Scout view – an ultra-wide, overhead view in front of your boat, ideal for finding bait balls & big schools of fish. High-resolution live images remove the guesswork from sonar interpretation. 


Which will you choose for your boat? Browse them all + more live sonars, here!





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