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PowerHouse Lithium Run & Gun 12v to 12v DC to DC Charger

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Charge your batteries on and off the water with Powerhouse Lithium DC chargers. Available in 12v, 16v, 24v, and 36v units. Specially programmed for the type Cranking battery you are running. Maximize your time on the water, plus have the ability not to have to charge after each outing.  Order units by the output voltage you need, then by the type cranking battery you are running. These units are voltage triggered so that you maintain 80% or better on your cranking battery. Units run best with charging systems above 40amps. Run & Gun Chargers will automatically wake up a Lithium battery so no more having to jump them off.

If  you are buying a 24v or 36v run & gun add a BCH1235 waterproof charger that is programmed to fully charge all batteries from one single plug in, even when the 12v battery is fully charged. Not needed if you are adding only a 12v or 16v dc charger. 


This charger will charge your single 12v battery from the current coming from your engine's alternator.  Can charge 12V LiFePO4 batteries/battery bank.

Starting battery type can be gel, sealed, flooded, LiFePO4, Lithium-ion. You will need to select what type of starting battery you have. 


INPUT: 12-16 volts

OUTPUT: 14.6 volts, 15.0 amps max.

7.75" L x 3.125" W x 1.25" H

2.125 lbs

Ring terminals. Connect black to your black terminal. Red to your red terminal. Do not short circuit. 


1 Year Warranty

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