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Millertech Lithium 12v 3A DC-DC Charger

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Original price $40
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Specifically Designed by MillerTech to charge your 8D replacement batteries or 12V LifePo4 Batteries from your 12-24V alternator or 12-24V Solar Bank.

This unique charger has multiple custom features built into it to give you a worry free experience. The LED indicator gives you a real time feedback. 

  • Solid green= Fully charged or off
  • Solid red= Normal charging
  • Blinking Red= Input Battery Voltage low

The device has built in low battery protection. If your input battery voltage drops below 11.8V the charger will stop working and the red light will start blinking. After the input voltage rises to above 12.5V the device will turn on and function normally. The output voltage has also been precisely adjusted to 14.5V to give you a nice full charge on your Lithium 12V Battery.



This charger will charge your single 12v battery from the current coming from your 12-24V alternator or 12-24 Solar Bank.  Can charge 12V LiFePO4 batteries/battery bank.


INPUT: 10-30 volts

OUTPUT: 14.6 volts, 3.0 amps max.


Alligator clip connections. Connect black to your black terminal. Red to your red terminal. Do not short circuit. 


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