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Ionic Lithium 3 Bank 12V 10A Lithium Battery Charger

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When you’re hours from shore and the boat battery dies, your perfect weekend turns into an absolute nightmare. That’s why prepping for the trip with a reliable battery charger is so important. The 3-Bank Marine Charger can charge four lithium, AGM or lead-acid batteries simultaneously.

It’s extra lightweight, affordable, and capable. With this charger, you’ll save loads of time and enjoy the simplicity of charging your batteries with a strong and reliable multi-bank marine battery charger. Let’s explore the benefits.

  • The most convenient way to charge more than one battery.
  • Charges your batteries faster, so you can do more of what you love.
  • Eliminates the need for more than one charger, saving space and money.
  • Mount or install in tight spaces, even onboard a boat.
  • Lightweight (Only 11 lbs)
  • Small size (Just 12in x 9.5in x 2in.)
  • Affordable and high quality.
  • Charges up to three 12V lithium batteries at once.
  • Can also charge lead-acid and AGM batteries.
  • Connect via Bluetooth to see charge level on your phone (when charging Ionic Lithium Batteries)
  • Made of first-rate, durable materials. Built to last.

The Ionic 3-bank lithium charger, charges 12V (LiFePo4) batteries individually at 10A on each channel. The charger can be used for 36V, 24V or 12V systems (12V in series).  This charger can also be used to charge lead acid or AGM batteries. It can be used for 2 or 3 bank charging system as well by doubling up on different banks.  The 3 bank charges to 14.6V by constant current at 10A then floats to 13.8V.  Weighing only 11lbs with a size of 12in x 9.5in x 2in gives this charger a low profile and is one of the lightest chargers on the market.

Charger perfect for: 

  • 12V 50Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery
  • Lithium Marine Batteries
  • Lithium Fishing Kayak Batteries


We highly recommend you use a LiFePO4 compatible charger. 12v chargers for lead acid batteries may work, but will decrease performance and lifespan of the battery.

12" L x 9.5" W x 2" H
11 pounds

INPUT 110-120VAC

Output power 584 Watts

Charge Voltage 14.6V

Float Voltage 13.8V

Current 10A/channel


Install the ring terminals using the bolts on your terminals. Bolt black to your black terminal. Red to your red terminal. Do not short circuit.  Red light on the charger will turn on when charging. Light turns green when the battery is full. Amber light indicates Standby.


Charger will restart or "wake up" a Ionic Lithium BMS that has turned off a battery due to short circuit or excessive amp draw. Simply connect the charger to the battery to initiate a restart.

The Ionic 3 Battery Charger is a smart, professional charger equipped with the latest technology. Want your battery to last as long as possible? This charger maximizes battery lifetime by providing constant current and constant voltage (CCCV). It stops charging when maximum voltage is reached to protect your battery.


This product features a 1 year warranty through Lithium Hub. 

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