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Impulse Lithium 12V 3A Lithium Battery Charger

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Built to charge batteries quickly, this lithium / LFP / LiFePO4 charger will charge any lithium battery at a rate of 3 amps. Impulse Lithium has optimized this charger for use with our lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4 or LFP), specifically the Impulse Lithium Power Box and 9AH batteries. 

12v 3a Lithium Charger for Impulse Lithium Power Box and 9AH Batteries.  Slow Trickle charge with red/green indicator light showing charging cycle is complete.  Clamping style clips for easy battery connection.  Charger plugs into any 120v outlet.

We highly recommend you use a LiFePO4 compatible charger. 12v chargers for lead acid batteries may work, but will decrease performance and lifespan of the battery.


INPUT 100-120VAC, 50/60HZ, 6.0 amps. OUTPUT: 14.6 volts, 3.0 amps


Alligator clips for ease of connection. Connect black to your black terminal. Red to your red terminal. Do not short circuit. Red light on the charger will turn on when charging. Light turns green when the battery is full.


Charger will restart or "wake up" a Impulse Lithium BMS that has turned off a battery due to short circuit or excessive amp draw. Simply connect the charger to the battery to initiate a restart.

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