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Astro Lithium 12V 6A Lithium Battery Charger

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Original price $59
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Combine the best batteries with the best chargers. Our 12v 6AMP charger is specifically designed to LiFePO4 batteries to give them the fastest charge and longest life. This 6A charger will charge our 12v 54Ah battery from 0% to 100% in about 9 hours. Sealed Lead Acid battery chargers may reduce the life and performance of our batteries.

Standard lead acid batteries operate at a maximum voltage of about 12.7 volts. As a result, many standard chargers will only charge to this voltage. Our lithium batteries operate at a maximum voltage of 14.4 volts. This means standard chargers will not charge lithium batteries to full capacity. Depending on the lead acid charger, it may only charge to 60% to 80% of the batteries fully capacity. 


INPUT 100-120 volts, 50/60HZ. OUTPUT: 14.4 volts, 6.0 amps


Each charger has an LED indicator to show when the battery is fully charged. Red means the battery is charging, Green means the battery is fully charged. 

Also, our chargers use alligator clips to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of battery terminals. 


Charger will restart or "wake up" a Lithium BMS that has turned off a battery due to short circuit or excessive amp draw. Simply connect the charger to the battery to initiate a restart.

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